Ning Dai (戴宁)


This photo was taken during my internship at Mila.

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Welcome to my homepage!

Hi, there! Here is Ning Dai. I’m now a senior undergraduate student in the Department of Computer Science at Fudan University and also an undergraduate research assistant at FudanNLP Group (working with Prof. Xipeng Qiu and Prof. Xuanjing Huang).

Research Interests

Generally, I’m doing research on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. So far, I have explored a lot of topics in NLP and ML, such as Reinforcement Learning, Dependency Parsing, Text Generation and Semantic Parsing, etc. Specifically, here are the topics that I’m recently interested in:


Style Transformer: Unpaired Text Style Transfer without Disentangled Latent Representation (ACL 2019) [paper] [code]

Ning Dai, Jianze Liang, Xipeng Qiu, Xuanjing Huang


AWS Shanghai AI Lab

Nov 2019 ~ NOW ‖ Applied Scientist Intern, Prof. Zheng Zhang’s Group

Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms (Mila)

Jul 2019 ~ Oct 2019 ‖ Research Intern, Prof. Christopher Pal’s Group